Friday, June 18, 2010

When Will The Remedy Be Available & How Do I Get a Copy?

By Pascal Dennis

On Receiving 1st Copy of The Remedy

I was blown away! 

Wiley & Sons have outdone themselves.  The cover, content, drawings etc are everything I'd hoped they'd be.

All the hard work & heart ache, the endless hours researching & writing faded away.

I'm proud of my  Lean Pathways team, who have taught me so much.

Finally, a deep bow to Dianne Caton, artist extraordinaire, who turned my chicken scratch drawings into magic.

What Inspired Me to Write The Remedy --   a book about Lean outside the factory?

Because that’s where the opportunity lies.  Upstream  -- in marketing, design, and engineering.  Downstream  -- in distribution, sales, and customer service. 

These, together with health care, service, and government, are Lean’s frontier.  I am less and less a factory rat.

Every core lean principle applies outside the factory.  But business processes are harder to fix. 

Why a sequel to Andy & Me? 

The characters of Tom Papas and Andy Saito seemed a natural vehicle.  Readers seem to like them, and I do too.

We’re emerging from an economic catastrophe, which claimed many great companies and put millions of people out of work. 

Lean has the potential to reduce human misery and increase human happiness by doing more with less, while providing meaningful work.

That’s enough for me.

Why Should People Read The Remedy?

It's a straight up book from the heart -- and the head.

No bull, no false & easy answers. Just  a good honest story about how real people try to apply Lean thinking to make things better.

I've lived The Remedy  -- and know many of you have too.

The Remedy   shows what Lean looks like outside the factory -- and why this is the undiscovered country.

Big Company Disease is real -- and The Remedy comes to terms with it.

When Will The Remedy Be Available & How Do I Get a Copy?

The Remedy will be available June 21 and the first copies should arrive 2 weeks after that.

The easiest way to get a copy is to order on-line through any of the following:


Barnes & Noble


or Borders

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  1. Would love to have this available on Kindle.