Monday, March 28, 2011

Lean Laughs


  1. Can you expand on why HR wants to pretend everything is just great? What is the underlying mental model?

  2. Good question. This cartoon is an expression of the mental model, "Problems are garbage -- let's hide them!"

    Sadly, such thinking is all too common. A better way to manage entails accepting that it's normal to have problems -- the key is seeing them & having good countermeasure plans.

    Leadership, thus, becomes a process of discovery.

    To paraphrase one of the characters in the book, The Remedy: "What did I discover is broken, how did we fix it, and how will we share the learning?

  3. Well said Pascal. The opposite mental model to "Problems are garbage to be hidden" is "Problems are gold or buried treasure" as they give us opportunities to discover things about our process and drive improvement.