Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why is laughter important in business?

Because it makes things small and personal -- and thereby helps to dispel Big Company Disease.

Big companies take themselves seriously. Laughter punctures the balloon and drenches things in the light of sanity.

For organizations big & small, I'd say "embrace your inner smallness".

I give a talk called "Everything I Learned I Learned in a Greek Restaurant"
People seem to like it.

Greek restaurants are the epitome of small, fast and funny.

Small and fast always beats big and slow.

That's it.



  1. Pascal,
    I agree completely with your point on "lightening up"!

    The less serious we take ourselves, the more human we all become. We are then more likely to admit our mistakes and shortcomings.

    In other words, we become humble. In the process, we become better leaders and problem-solvers.

    It's pretty hard to say that you have all the answers when you're wearing a red rubber nose...unless of course you're the head clown in the circus!

  2. Great point Michael. As we lighten up and become less tense, we see the world differently that allows us to see possibilities that weren't there before.
    We can make improvements we didn't think were possible. We create the "Kaizen Spirit" we need to drive on-going sustained continuous improvement.
    And we have fun doing it.
    All in all, a winning formula.