Monday, June 13, 2011

The Biggest Weakness is Contemporary Business Culture?

By Pascal Dennis,

Last time I talked about Big Heart.

In my view, the biggest weakness in contemporary business culture is just that -- an absence of heart.

McKinsey-Gupta scandal exemplifies it -- "achievatrons" at the trough, gorging themselves at the expense of the public.

I wouldn't go as far Barry Ritholtz.  But I'd agree with CNBC -- it could be bigger than Madoff.

If Gupta did tip off his hedge fund manager friend, it was something darker than greed. Was it sociopathic narcissism?

Did Gupta, like Madoff, believe he was somehow above the law, immune to the rules that govern the rest of us?

By contrast, the sensei who taught me about big heart spent hours with me and my chums -- at no cost.

He had dedicated his life to teaching Aikido -- the "way of harmony of the spirit".

And Big Heart was its foundation.

For more, please feel free to read chapter 13 of Andy & Me, or its sequel, The Remedy.

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