Monday, June 27, 2011

Lean Laughs


  1. Great lesson - optimizing a "point" without alignment and growth to the "whole system" makes the effort a loss

  2. That's hilarious. Unfortunately, there is an element of truth to it, isn't there. Teams and Lean Leaders can miss the big picture if they are not careful:

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Your comments are right on! How often do we see teams make random acts of improvement that aren't tied to improvements in the overall system and therefore aren't tied to driving towards a goal.
    Isn't this the very natue of "Big Company Disease" even in Roamn times?

  4. Fine commments & a common theme -- improvement disconnected from purpose is no improvement at all.

    A symptom of Big Company Disease, as Al points out.

    So how we communicate, recommunicate & reinforce purpose takes on a deeper significance