Monday, August 1, 2011

The Remedy Wins the Shingo Prize

By Pascal Dennis,

The good people at Shingo Prize have seen fit to give The Remedy the nod.

They do important work & I'm humbled and deeply obliged for all their efforts.

It's an odd feeling. After finishing a book, I often forget I what I wrote.

(Maybe because the process is so intense & exhausting -- you need a break from the damned thing...)

"That's the other Pascal," I joke. "I'm his idiot brother."

Still, it's a footprint in time, a nod, a tip of the hat -- a sign that somebody finds your stuff helpful.

For that I am deeply grateful.


P.S. BTW ya'll, be sure to attend next year's International Shingo Prize Conference, May 7 - 10 in Atlanta (

I'll be there for sure!

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