Monday, January 2, 2012

Year End

By Pascal Dennis

Dear readers & fellow bloggers,

We're obliged for your kind attention this year.

2011 was a difficult year for many of us.

As it comes to a close, perhaps I can pose some questions for each of us to reflect on:

What happened in 2011? What worked?

What didn't work? What have we learned?

Learning is hard; dogma is easy. (I speak from experience...)

It's helpful to remember & honour our core values:

  1. Family, team, community,
  2. The Cardinal Virtues: Temperance, Prudence, Justice & Courage,
  3. Simple decency,

It's also important to remember that the future is bright.

In spite of everything, people around the world have more sustenance, time, energy, and freedom of thought & movement, than ever before.

In spite of everything...

Happy New Year and a safe and prosperous 2012 to you & yours.


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