Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Does Lean Survive a Top Management Change?

By Pascal Dennis

Succession planning is indeed the key, but perhaps not in the conventional sense.

Lean thinking entails meta-cognition, which means 'knowing about knowing' and answering questions like:

How do I learn?

What do I know?

What do I know well?

What do I not know very well?

Great leaders tend to know themselves thereby, and can make conscious decisions.

Leaders need to ask these questions of their organization:

How do we learn best?

What do we currently know, and not know, well?

Most important question for leaders:

How do I ensure that we'll continue to learn, after our current leaders retire or move on?

A tough one, to be sure.

Rendering of the new Apple University campus in Cupertino California

The late, great Steve Jobs thought about it a great deal.

Sounds like Apple University is his posthumous attempt to perpetuate the Apple Way.



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