Monday, June 18, 2012

Everything I Learned About Management...

By Pascal Dennis

My wife Pamela teaches kindergarten -- and Lean fundamentals are a big part of it.

Pam has standardized work for basic stuff like tying shoe laces, washing hands, going to the bathroom.

Her classroom is full of excellent 5 S and Visual Management.

Without it she couldn't manage a class of 20 five year olds, including several kids with special needs.

Kids thrive in Pamela's class because they're relaxed.

The classroom is clean, full of bright colors & well-ordered.

There's a place for everything, and not surprisingly, everything is in its place.

Kids know what to expect, and get help with the most important tasks.

(Kids, she tells me, need structure more than anything, except love.)

STW, visual management, 5 S and the like also helps Pam by freeing her up so she can focus on the kids.

(As opposed to looking for stuff, trying to figure out whether a given class is ahead or behind, or dealing with avoidable crises.)

My dear wife even teaches the scientific method in a way that Lean learners would recognize:

In her Science module she asks, "What do scientists do?"


"I make a hypothesis. I observe what actually happens. And then I adjust my hypothesis!"

Why do we continually forget the basics?

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