Monday, August 13, 2012

Making the Problem Invisible

By Pascal Dennis

Japan workers 'told to lie about radiation'

More nuclear follies, folks.

You may recall an earlier blog entitled Reverse Magic.

The gist was that the Lean Business System, aka the Toyota Way, is essentially a magic act.

We seek to make the invisible, visible.

Looks like TEPPCO subcontractor workers were encouraged to do the opposite.

"Let's make the visible, invisible.

Let's hide a potentially deadly problem."

Here are some reflections:

Is this just a problem at TEPPCO & the nuclear industry?

Or are there other industries adept at hiding problems?

How about your business or ours?

Are we making problems visible -- warts & all?

Socrates was famously unattractive, and seems to have used his unsightliness.

"I'm not pretty, but sometimes, neither is the truth."

At the very least, accepting the often ugly facts, saves a great deal of energy.

Faking it is exhausting...



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