Monday, September 17, 2012

Lean & the Non-Profits?

By Pascal Dennis

Charity is a fundamental virtue.

We have to help those entangled in the 'web of circumstance'.

There, but for the grace of God, go I.

More and more, I like to give of myself, my time and effort.

It's concrete, and NGOs & non-profits are in dire need of Lean support.

Are they not swimming in waste?

Over-processing, defects & delay are perhaps the most obvious.

For example, I've donated annually to a well-known children's charity.

Yet they continually send me, at high cost, the same bulk mail, even after I wrote and asked them not to.

Over-processing and defect waste, no?

I'm passionate about helping people with disabilities, and have offered to help half a dozen agencies involved in such work.

Only one has bothered to respond and the message was, 'Thanks, but no thanks.'

Are NGO's and Non-Profits not interested in running better?

Sadly, the message seems to be: "Just send us your money. We'll figure out how to spend it."

Sorry, you'll figure out how to waste it...

(Am I becoming cynical?)

Like any organization, NGO's and Non-Profits have a purpose, customers and processes.

Why shouldn't they be as effective as Apple, Amazon, Toyota, GE or any great organization?



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