Monday, September 3, 2012

Reflections - ready for pre-order

By Pascal Dennis

Reflections of a Business Nomad - Stories & Poems from the Road is ready for pre-ordering!

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Something a little different, and hopefully, fun and engaging.

Why did I write such a book?

I'm proud to be an engineer & businessperson (such as I am).

But first & foremost, I'm a story-teller, and these stories reflect twelve years of international consulting.

The book is illustrated with original artwork by the great Kirk Sutterfield, a splendid Canadian artist and draftsman.

Some people believe business is dry, analytical & somewhat boring.

Not true!

I've been privileged to observe & experience high drama, tragedy and comedy, often all at the same time.

Each story finds its own format -- some is straight prose, some prose poetry.

I've tried to make each piece as easy to absorb as possible and to find the 'right words in the right sequence'.

The book's five sections all end with a series of questions, for use by study groups.

You can dig into these if so inclined, or simply read the pieces for themselves.

Reflections of a Business Nomad is a book about values and leadership.

But it can also be enjoyed as a story book & travelogue.

Hope you like the damned thing.


Pascal Reflections - ready for pre-order

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