Monday, September 24, 2012

Simple Doesn't Mean Easy

By Pascal Dennis

Big misunderstanding here.

People mistake complexity for depth.

In fact, complexity is a crude state.

Simplicity marks the end of process of refinement.

Hitting a golf ball is 'simple':
  1. Eye on the ball

  2. Smooth takeaway

  3. Shift weight to front foot

  4. Follow through so your elbows are pointing toward the target

Similarly, problem solving is 'simple'.

Here's the 'drill' we teach & which my books enlarge on:
  1. Do I have a problem?

  2. Do I know the cause?

  3. Have I proven cause & effect?

  4. Have I confirmed the countermeasure?

Both are simple.

But perhaps we can agree, neither is easy.

In fact, simple is one of the most difficult things there is, achievable only after years of practice.

(Malcolm Gladwell quotes the 10,000 hour rule, which sounds about right.)

Our hyper-connected world, with all its distractions, hinders our ability to put in the hours.

My suggested countermeasure, as you may recall, is turn the damn screen off!

I also believe in solitude - quiet time alone, for reflection, practice, meditation...

Indeed, solitude has been called the school of genius.

Since it is all too clear.

It take time to grasp it.

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