Monday, October 29, 2012

Reflections of a Business Nomad - Book Launch Party

By Pascal Dennis

Friday Oct 19, Avli Restaurant, Toronto's Greektown

A fine evening - thanks to all who came out, and to Lambros, proprietor of Avli and chef extraordinaire.

Special thanks to Holly Simmons, Steve MacLeod and the Skopelos Press team for making it possible.

A book is a footprint in time, a ship that you send off into the night, not knowing what will happen.

I'm gratified that so many friends turned out to mark the occasion.

Here's a short Launch video, a reading by yours truly, of one my favorite pieces from Reflections of a Business Nomad.

Best regards,


PS E-book is in the pipeline and should be available on by the end of November.

PS 2 Here are photos of places from the book: Pinterest.

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