Monday, November 12, 2012

Never Short America

By Pascal Dennis

America's presidential election seems to be devolving into a simple question:


Uninspiring, to be sure.

Some suggest that the absence of candidates of the calibre of Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, or Eisenhower, Truman, Reagan is evidence of America's decline.

Certainly, America's political process has seen much better days.

The words "fortitude" and "Washington DC" seldom appear in the same sentence.

It's my good fortune travel this splendid land and work with leaders at all levels, in a variety of industries.

And I'm always reminded that America is much more than Washington, DC.

Never short America, they used to say, and will again.

As bleak as things may seem, America has overcome worse.

Washington bozos are far less important that they seem to be.

In my view, America's rebirth is happening in small businesses all over the country.

In high-tech incubators, in labs, garages and non-descript industrial malls.

In places that rarely appear in the news.

Things will turn out okay, in spite of everything.



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