Monday, February 4, 2013

Book Review - The Lean Turnaround

By Pascal Dennis

Our respected colleague & sensei, Art Byrne, has just published this fine book.

Famous for turning around Wiremold, Art moved into private equity, where he continues to apply his successful turnaround recipe.

The Lean Turnaround's recipe is "simple"; the way hitting a golf ball is simple.

Our readers will be familiar with it:

  • Define value (& waste) and identify your core value streams
  • Define & communicate Purpose
  • Connect your processes & gradually reduce the obstacles to flow
  • Let the customer to pull
  • Make problems visible and involve everybody in kaizen
  • Keep going - move upstream & downstream of Operations

Lean tools such as standardized work, visual management and 5 S, set-up reduction, kaizen are pulled in as required.

The Lean Turnaround effectively conveys the senior leader's perspective & the work required to turn any company around.

Thanks, Art.


Book Review - The Lean Turnaround

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