Monday, February 25, 2013

Poetry for Professionals?

By Pascal Dennis

Splendid piece in HBR - thanks to Holly Simmons for sharing it.

Let me declare my bias in advance.

I was trained in business and engineering - and have been a reader all my life.

(And my latest book comprises stories & poems from the road,

Poetry & literature:
  • open the mind,
  • help us wrestle with & make sense of complexity,
  • help unlock latent creativity, and
  • teach empathy.

Not a bad ROI!

In some cultures, it's understood that "professional" means you have a deep understanding & appreciation of Art, as well as, Science.

Professionals, in such cultures, are expected to read & reflect, and this makes them better leaders.

(They are better able to wrestle with complexity, and are more empathetic & creative.)

Is this the norm in our culture?

I'd love to hear YOUR thoughts.

The best leaders I've encountered are tough, reflective, creative READERS - many the product of Military schools.

The Military teaches important virtues, reading & reflection among them.


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