Thursday, March 28, 2013

Scatter - a Symptom of Big Company Disease

By Pascal Dennis

By scatter, I mean the tendency large organizations have of disassembling the PDCA cycle - and giving different parts to different people.

One group develops the Plan, another deploys the Plan, yet another monitors the Plan.

Sometimes a fourth group is responsible for adjusting the plan.

More often, though, there is no adjustment. We just hope what's left of the Plan will quietly fade away.

The role of a Key Thinker (Deployment Leader, 'Control Department' at Toyota) is to "wrap their arms around" the problem -- and to shepherd it through the entire PDCA cycle.

Thus, you have a holistic understanding of what's happening - and a much better chance of making diagnoses & adjustments.

I see scatter is New Production Development, Marketing, Engineering and Strategic Planning in general.

We like to take things apart.

That's okay, so long as we put them back together.

And so long as one person is charged with seeing the whole chessboard, and grasping the unfolding story.



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