Monday, April 8, 2013

Change & the Light Touch

By Pascal Dennis

Change is hard; change hurts.

Yet, in an ever-changing world, change is necessary.

Adapt or Die would be a reasonable hoshin in most companies.

Change is nobody's constituency, whereas the status quo is everyone's.

It's remarkable, really, that organizations are able to change at all.

Lean Pathways transformation approach is based on fifteen years of empirical science.

(In other words, we've learned what works through trial & error, in the form of rapid PDCA cycles.)

The Remedy and Getting the Right Things Done give some idea what it feels like.

Sooner or later, and usually between years 1 & 2, the existing culture's anti-bodies counterattack.

We've found that the Light Touch is essential then, and throughout the change process.

The Light Touch is central to our practice and informed by the following reflections:

  • Most of the problem is in the system, not the people
  • Most people are decent & hard-working and want do what's right,
  • Change is hardest for middle management
  • Humour helps the medicine go down
  • People learn best when they're laughing

Lean Pathways doodles & humour (such as it is) are humble expressions of this philosophy.

Of course, maintaining the Light Touch in the face of hostility requires sound technique.

(Lean fundamentals needs to be rooted in your unconscious mind.)

The Light Touch has helped to turn many a sour Grumbler into an 'Okay-I'll-try' Watcher - and some into 'This-could-work!' Rowers.

Perhaps most important, the Light Touch expresses fundamental decency & respect for people.

(Absent these, you can't sustain a damned thing.)

Change is hard; change hurts.

Remember the Light Touch



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