Monday, May 6, 2013


By Pascal Dennis

Building quality into the process, aka Jidoka, is a cornerstone of the Toyota Production System.

And embedded tests are a cornerstone of Jidoka.

To make a good product, or provide a good service, I need:
  1. A clear picture of what good is (i.e. a Standard)
  2. Quick feedback on how I'm doing right now, and
  3. A way of getting back to a good condition

Embedded tests address element 2, and should be
  • Simple,
  • Low cost, and
  • Binary (i.e. OK/Not OK)

What's the best source of embedded tests?

Wait for it...front-line team members.

Who knows the work better?

Who else has absorbed the 'nicks & knacks of the work'?

That's why Total Involvement is the heart of the Lean Business System.

Without it, the system is akin to a beautiful sailboat - without any wind.

Which leads us to Respect for People, another central tenet, and the topic of an upcoming blog.

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