Thursday, July 11, 2013

How Does Our Brain Work? - Part 1

By Pascal Dennis

My dad, Frank, restaurateur & raconteur extraordinaire, is in the late stages of dementia.

Over the past five years we've watched him disappear. Very difficult.

But gifted researchers are hunting down solutions for brain diseases like Alzheimer's.

Where does brain research currently stand?

What do we know? Where are we starting?

Epiphanies will, hopefully, light up the years ahead.

For now, here's a fine site, courtesy of our colleague, Allison Morris, that illustrates what we currently understand about the brain. [HERE]

Take a look at the cerebral cortex (made up of four lobes), cerebellum and brainstem and how they function.

An esteemed sensei once asked me, "How will you motivate people, Pascal-san?"

I've spent the past twenty years trying to answer the question!

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