Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why a Book of Stories?

By Pascal Dennis

My latest book, Reflections of a Business Nomad, has triggered thoughtful questions:

Why take a risk with something so different?

(Accepted thinking: Business readers won't read stories!)

Why a reflective book?

(Accepted thinking: Business readers want answers -- not questions!)

Isn't this kind of book, with its original artwork & design, expensive to produce?

(You won't make any money!)

Reflections of a business nomad
Here's my response:

It's important to take risks.

My job is to push myself, (and you), out of our comfort zones.

Give without expecting a return.

I wrote Reflections out of pure enjoyment, without any expectation of a return.

When you send things out into the universe, I believe it repays you -- often with compound interest!

Challenge the norm.

Life is short -- challenge accepted thinking! Make a decision and follow through without fear of failure.

Respect people.

Are business readers incapable of reflecting deeply? Do they 'just want answers'?

I don't buy it. All my books are full of questions & reflection points, yet nobody has ever complained.

On the contrary, people form study groups.

Hansei -- self-reflection with humility & a commitment to improve -- is central to Japanese culture & to the Toyota Production System.

Hopefully, Reflections of a Business Nomad can help in some small way.


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