Monday, September 2, 2013

Want to Charge More for Your Products & Services?

By Pascal Dennis

The power of stories is a central theme in this blog.

We're hard-wired for stories.

Our ancestors on the African savannah sat around the camp fire and told stories.

Stories are central to Lean Pathways consulting work.

When we tell stories, people naturally lean forward...

When we show PPT slides, people tend to sink into their chairs, eyes getting heavy...

My latest book is a story book -- as are all my books.

Want to charge more for your products & services?

Tell stories.

An old golf club, or hockey stick or baseball glove in a corner of an antique store might be worth twenty bucks.

But weave stories around them & watch what happens!

"Byron Nelson used this putter during his 1945 winning streak. During the US Open that year, using this same putter, he had no three-puts... "

"Gordie Howe used this stick to beat Jacques Plant for his first hat trick in 1948. It was a back-hander, short-handed, and the fans covered the ice with fedoras..."

Of course, it takes time & effort to collect stories.

It takes reflection & humility to make sense of them.

And that's maybe why they're worth so much.



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