Monday, December 30, 2013

Practical Problem Solving - EU, Greece & the Future

By Pascal Dennis

Hi all,

Practical problem solving begins with Grasping the Situation (GTS).

The European Union is one our biggest international problems.

EU failure would cause much disruption & pain around the world.

Is the EU viable? If so, what governance changes are needed?

How can the prosperous north help the struggling southern countries, unflatteringly known as PIGS - (Portugal - Ireland - Greece - Spain)?

EU bureaucrats appear have jumped to a countermeasure -- AUSTERITY!

Have they grasped the situation?

Michael Jacobides' terrific HBR piece suggests NOT.

Interestingly, Jacobides' grasp of the situation mirrors a conversation I had in Greece, and shared in Reflections of a Business Nomad.

If we accept Jacobides' argument, the countermeasures are clear, but difficult.

As he explains in a follow-up piece, "Dinosaurs die hard"



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