Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Problem with Micromanagement

By Pascal Dennis

The least stupid general wins.


Interesting piece in The Atlantic on possible root causes of the fiasco

Evidently, Mr. Obama believed his own hype about his tech savvy, and, even worse, overestimated his managerial skill.

Building on my earlier piece, such micromanagement reflects hubris (Pride), one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Hubris is toxic, and, sadly, all too human. It weakens Temperance, Prudence, and ultimately Wisdom.

They say St. Jerome kept a human skull in his monastic cell as an antigen to it.

Hubris & micromanagement lead to bad decisions.

Moreover, they corrode team member self-reliance & confidence.

How did Obama's team feel under that level of (uninformed) oversight?

Would a qualified Tech exec (had they engaged one) have stood for it?

Of course not, and therein is another problem -- micromanagement drives the best people away.

In summary, be open & humble, go see & grasp the situation, and build capability & confidence in your team.

Last thing -- use the word I sparingly.



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