Monday, February 10, 2014

In Memory of Allan Griesdorf

By Pascal Dennis

On January 15 Allan Griesdorf passed away at Toronto's North York General Hospital.

He was 81 years old and had been my father's lawyer (and mine) for over forty years.

I first met Allan when I was eight, running around my dad's restaurant, the Imperial Grill.

Allan helped my dad set up his business, and years later, did the same for me.

He was the soul of wisdom and kindness.

A gentle, reassuring presence always there, and often at life-changing events.

Allan was a sensei, a rabbi, whose focus was simple decency.

Hard to believe I can't pick up the phone & call him.

Allan's sister, Elaine, said to me, "We had no idea Allan was so beloved..."

A week before he passed way, Allan called to say that he was retiring, finally.

"But of course," he continued, "if you need anything, just ask."

Such was our relationship.

Allan is survived by his sister and brother-in law, and by his many nieces and nephews.

May the angels bless him.


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