Thursday, August 28, 2014

Do We Manage Our ‘Screens’ - Or Do Our Screens Manage Us? - Part 3

By Pascal Dennis

Last time I asked how to manage our screens, so as to avoid a dreadful dumbing down of society?

As always, countermeasures depend on a
  1. Clear objective and understanding of the gap, and
  2. Good grasp of the situation gained through experience, as well as, reflection
Let me build on my musical example.

What should be happening?
  1. Pascal wants to make music that’s enjoyable for both himself and others (forced) to listen to it
  2. Pascal wants to build his capability to play the piano
What’s actually happening?
  1. Yamaha’s splendid keyboards allow Pascal to create enjoyable music – without the slog of daily practice
  2. Pascal’s capability does not grow
Clearly, to meet both objectives – enjoyable music, and greater musical skills – I need more than splendid technology.

I need to find a capable teacher/sensei who will guide me to greater competence through the old, old way, (well described by Dan Coyle in The Talent Code):

Our Learning Recipe (Talent Code):
  1. Go slow,
  2. Stop and fix (mentor), and
  3. Repeat
Which is exactly, what I’ve done. The past year, Jay and I have worked through piano fundamentals & I’m way more capable than I was.

In summary, anchored in the eternal learning paradigm, the talent code, if you will, our screens are a blessing.

They can accelerate our progress in any skill. (For example, I can watch Nat Cole on Youtube performing a tune I’m learning.)

Disconnected from the talent code, they can make us stupid.

Caveat emptor.



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