Monday, November 24, 2014

Toronto Maple Leafs – the Lowest of the Low, Part 2

By Pascal Dennis

Thanks all, for fine feedback on part 1 of this blog.

The management and leadership lessons therein seemed to resonate with people:

Monopoly corrupts.

If you treat your customers with disrespect, you eventually lose your soul.

Purpose is more than just dollars and cents.

Here are a few more put forth by our readers:

  • Culture is what people do every day. To change culture, you have to change your daily activity
  • Humility is a foundation of all lasting improvement. Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) is probably run by arrogant ‘suits’
  • Total involvement is another cornerstone. How involved are Maple Leaf team members, playing and non-playing?

All are fine insights. I would add that Culture, our daily activity, is the bridge between today and our Purpose (aka Future State, Vision etc.).

Each team member’s daily actions are another brick, if you will, in this bridge. The leader’s job is to continually reinforce the key actions.

Simple, really, and very hard to initiate and sustain for reasons this blog seeks to illuminate.

A number of you asked, “How come you still support this lousy team?”

Actually, I stopped supporting the Maple Leafs years ago. But MLSE remains a rich store of management & leadership lessons (in a negative, but no less helpful way).

Canada’s national teams where the maple leaf with distinction, and that’s enough for me.

Lastly, our Kiwi colleagues kindly pointed out that the All Blacks are New Zealand’s team, not just Auckland’s.

Quite so – mea culpa. A tip of the cap to the Silver Fern, the AB’s famous logo.

Long may they run.

Best regards,


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