Monday, April 20, 2015

Reprise – What is Kaizen Spirit?

By Pascal Dennis

Change is hard. Sustaining change, even harder.

We need an indomitable spirit -- which my senseis called "kaizen spirit"

Kaizen spirit comprises three things:

1. Cheerfulness -- the conviction that, no matter how tough things are today, tomorrow will be better.

In spite of everything, we'll keep improving and solve our most difficult problems.

2. Go see -- the desire to experience life first hand, to get out of the office and into the Gemba.

The willingness to work with front-line team members with humility and openness.

3. Get your hands dirty -- we roll up our sleeves and try stuff with our colleagues.

We practice our core techniques: problem solving, and pull in Lean tools as required.

We run experiments to prove cause and effect.

Then we lock in countermeasures with standardized work & visual management -- and share what we've learned.

Internal Kaizen Teams have a tough job – continuous improvement.

Change has no constituency, the status quo has many!

What keeps you going? Kaizen spirit.

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