Monday, September 28, 2015

New Book Update - Andy & Me and the Hospital

By Pascal Dennis

Hi folks,

Resurfacing at last after an intense summer working on Andy & Me and the Hospital, the latest Tom Papas and Andy Saito adventure.

First draft complete, working on the doodles and images with our splendid artist, Dianne Caton.

What’s the book about?

A major New York City hospital is in crisis. Tom and Andy get pulled in to help save it.

Tom is also in the midst of a personal crisis. Will the new challenge save or destroy him?

Why a book about Toyota methods and thinking in Healthcare?

Healthcare defines Lean’s frontier. The challenge, and opportunity, are immense. Moreover, if we don’t get it right, Healthcare could bankrupt us.

Why this book?

I want to answer some basic questions. What does a Lean transformation in a hospital feel like? What overall approach should we take?

What kind of leadership and behavior change is needed? How do we develop and engage people? How do we improve processes?

How do we build a management system? How do we translate what Deming called the ‘profound system of knowledge’ with our healthcare colleagues?

At the same time, I want to provide a clear and simple guide to Toyota methods and thinking, how they fit together, and the spirit that animates them.

One of the problems with Lean implementation has been the tendency to cherry-pick activities, rather than grasping the system as a whole.

What are the next steps?

Dianne and I will complete the doodles and figures and submit to our publisher. We’ll then get review copies out, after which we’ll adjust and polish the book as needed.

God willing, Andy & Me and the Hospital will be available in early 2016.

Best regards,


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