Monday, November 23, 2015

Andy & Me and the Hospital – and the Great Paradox

By Pascal Dennis

Just sent the manuscript for Andy & Me and the Hospital, the latest Tom Papas-Andy Saito adventure, to my publisher.

God-willing, the book will be published in early Spring 2016.

The ‘Great Paradox’ of Health-Care is a central theme. As Tom puts it, “How can there be miracles within the silos, and disaster across them?”

Tom is referring, of course, to the epidemic of medical errors, infections, mis-medications and the like that kill hundreds of thousands of Americans each year.

(The epidemic is almost certainly as severe in other countries, if not more so.)

How indeed can this be?

Health care workers are among the best educated and most capable in all of industry. They’re committed and caring and use the best and latest technologies.

Something is rotten in the state of Health-Care.

Tom Papas and Andy Saito are on the case.

Keep you posted.

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