Monday, December 28, 2015

Slow Down & Smell the Roses

By Pascal Dennis

Hi all,

Trust the year is winding down nicely for you all. Trust it’s been a healthy and happy year.

For those that have had difficulty, may 2016 bring you respite and comfort. Hopefully, as King Solomon said, ‘this too shall pass.’

Year-end is reflection time for yours truly – both business-wise and personally.

On the personal side, my reflection is it’s time to slow down and smell time roses.

My years at Toyota and all the years since then have taught me how to work ‘pedal to the metal’ for long stretches of time.

(I’m sure you all know what I mean.) One can achieve a great deal thereby – and we can get closer to our personal and team True North.

But sometimes you have to take your foot off the pedal. Efficiency does not always equal effectiveness.

Doing nothing is often best. The best music includes plenty of rests!

I’ve been lucky enough to work in Italy. My Italian friends and colleagues have a name for it – Temperanza – which we call Temperance.

So here’s to Temperanza in 2016.

Let’s slow down and smell the proverbial roses.

Have a happy holiday season and a blessed 2016.


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