Monday, February 6, 2017

Stories, Poems & Strategy

By Pascal Dennis (bio)

I write stories and poems for fun and to record my adventures around the world.

But stories & poems also keep my strategic thinking sharp. Articulating a story entails deeply grasping a situation, a person or group of people, or an organization.

We’re hard-wired for stories. At day’s end our ancestors on the African savannah sat around the fire and told stories. They didn’t show PowerPoint slides.

Day’s end for me often means sitting in a restaurant somewhere, scribbling and doodling in my note book.

With luck & time I’m able to boil my impressions down to a few words and an image or two, which are the door to a deeper understanding.

I studied chemical engineering and business. My electives were literature courses. I love Walt Disney and his splendid invented word: imagineering

Reading a chessboard, a story or poem, a business situation – it’s all the same. The pros in every profession know this in their bones, do they not?

I’ve met a number of great CFO’s – they’re were all good at articulating the story behind the numbers.

So let me challenge my fellow propeller-heads. Crack open a book of stories or poems now and then.

Good for the mind, good for the soul.

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