Monday, September 18, 2017

Viva South Africa

By Pascal Dennis (bio)

Sawubona, kunjani, ngiyaphila!

Just back from splendid South Africa and the 2017 Kwazulu-Natal (KZN) Lean Conference.

A deep bow to Melanie Vaness and the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business team for planning, organizing & managing an unforgettable three days. (Thanks for the Zulu lessons too…)

My daughter, Katie, and I were lucky enough to tour South Africa afterward and to get at least a small sense of its wonders. “South Africa gets inside you, changes you,” Melanie said, and she was right.

Cape Town, Cape Point, Stellenbosch, the Natal Midlands, Phinda, Drakensberg, St. Lucia wetlands, Umhlanga and the Indian Ocean coast. I am forever a South Africa fan and supporter.

I begin to understand Nelson Mandela’s dream of a ‘Rainbow Nation’, and his greatness as a leader. I met leaders at every level, and of every rainbow shade, and was much impressed by their patriotism – and by their embrace of Lean.

South Africans are a practical lot. They like things that are simple, robust and effective. Hence, Lean.

To be sure, the Rainbow Nation is in political turmoil and the next few years are critical. (See: Racism Scandal & Bell Pottinger Disgraced)

I am confident that civil society will prevail and that a credible alternative government will emerge in the 2019 elections.

Beyond its beauty and majesty, the Rainbow Nation is a beacon, a metaphor, a harbinger of a fine future. Viva South Africa.

Hlala gahle – stay well.


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  1. I can't thank you enough Pascal for coming to our beautiful land and for your generosity - of time, knowledge and spirit. Our local business community have benefited immensely! We're so glad that you and Katie could spend some time enjoying South Africa and we look forward to a visit from the whole family! Regards, Melanie and the PCB Team