Monday, December 11, 2017

Reflection - the Breakfast of Champions

By Pascal Dennis (bio)

Year-end is my favorite time of year. A time to hit the PAUSE button & humbly reflect...

How did things go this year? Did I meet my personal goals? Did we meet our team goals?

What worked, did not work – and why?

What have I learned about myself & our team?

What have we learned about our business? What's it mean for the upcoming year?

What skills do we need to strengthen? What new skills do we want to develop?

We are human by the grace of our intellect, by the grace of reflection. But given our inevitable blind spots, proclivities, neuroses, and occasional insanities – it’s hard for any individual to do well.

But we have to try. Even better if we can reflect as a team, which can blunt the effect of individual foibles.

Action without thinking is aimless. Thinking without action is lifeless.

Here's to honest reflection, growth & good spirits - and to a safe & healthy 2018.

Best regards,


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