Monday, August 9, 2021

Do We Manage Our ‘Screens’ - Or Do Our Screens Manage Us? - Part 2

By Pascal Dennis (bio)

I asked this question last time and suggested our screens manage us, more than we manage them.

What’s the impact? Depth – we lose the ability to concentrate. As a result important skills can atrophy.

Here’s a non-business example. Music is my avocation and my office is home to keyboards and guitars.

(If I don’t play every day, I don’t feel right.)

Yamaha, that splendid organization, has done wonders with guitar, piano and keyboard technology. (That entire industry is full of marvelous companies – Kawai, Casio & others)

In fact, my Yamaha keyboards allow to simulate an entire band or orchestra. Yamaha literally makes me a one-man band.

Why then should I practice guitar and piano?

In the same way, recording technology can automatically fix out-of-pitch singing.

Why then should we learn how to sing well?

I can go on, of course. My computer corrects my spelling and grammar. Why then should I learn to spell and put words together into coherent sentences?

What to do? How to avoid a dreadful dumbing down?

More next time.



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