Monday, April 17, 2023

Getting the Right Things Done in a Digital World

By Pascal Dennis (bio)

I wrote a book called Getting the Right Things Done about protecting your core business. GRTD found an audience and my team & I have helped a lot of companies implement the methods I described. They’re a practical, and proven way to bullet-proof your company.
But that’s no longer enough. Today, we must also Ignite new Growth using methods pioneered in the world’s innovation hot spots. And that’s been my focus the past several years. How to create an ambidextrous organization? One that is bullet-proof in its core business, and yet able to intuit unmet customer needs, and rapidly build, measure, and learn its way up the innovation ladder. One that can not just improve existing customer journeys, but create new journeys, offerings, and even new businesses. I wrote a book about it called Harnessing Digital Disruption which describes my adventures in Singapore’s lively innovation ecosystem.

In fact, I’ve spent the past five years in the world’s innovation hot spots learning how to ignite new growth using Digital methods. My team & I have built and validated a powerful body of knowledge which we believe can transform your organization. And now I’d like to share what we’ve learned in a series of new workshops. The first is called Getting the Right Things Done in a Digital World. Our target audience is the organization that is serious about Innovation, that wants to become truly ambidextrous. Our workshops will available both on-site and remotely. They will not be available publicly because we want to focus on your business – your aspiration, winning logic, and challenges.

Harnessing-Digital-Disruption and Getting the Right Things Done
Protecting the Core business is no longer enough. We must also Ignite New Growth. GRTD in a Digital World and the workshops that follow will get you started in this essential journey. If all this sounds intriguing, please click on the link below.



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