Monday, May 27, 2024

Target, Actual, Please Explain

By Pascal Dennis (bio)

Are We Ahead or Behind? And if so, why?

Perhaps the most basic Lean questions & an important test in any gemba.

Can the zone leader articulate the production/provision target & actual, and explain any gaps?

Or does she equivocate, and say, "Well, it's in the computer."

If the latter, Job One is to clear the anaesthetizing fog using production analysis boards and other forms of visual management.

It's surprising how often the computer is wrong.

And writing the hour's target & actual and the reason for shortfalls brings unexpected benefits.

Such hand-written boards are human, and therefore engaging.

Computer screens, despite often impressive graphics, tend to put people to sleep. (Just more TV...)

So practice the above mantra in your gemba walks.

Be brief, be clear & be honest.



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