Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lean and the Excellence Authors

By Pascal Dennis,

Over the past two decades the "Excellence" authors, Jim Collins, Peter Senge et al have produced a series of helpful books (Good to Great, The Fifth Discipline and others).

How do these relate to the Lean movement?

The Excellence authors basically got it right in my view. Their work is congruent with Lean -- (I continue to refer to them.)

But the "Excellence" books are (necessarily) academic.

The Lean movement has brought these ideas into the messy world of practice -- a great and continuing contribution.

Imagine a messy changeover kaizen in an Indiana stamping plant. The team stands glaring at you with their arms crossed.

Can we cut changeover time in half? Can we teach these jokers how to sustain & make further improvements?

(Will they kill us?)

Our revered and scary gemba -- where the proverbial rubber hits the road...

That's why I write business novels.

Hopefully, The Remedy, and its prequel, Andy & Me, in some small way give people a sense of what transformation looks and feels like.

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