Monday, November 19, 2012

Time to Boycott the NFL?

By Pascal Dennis

I'm struck by the number of football fans asking this question.

A quick Google search will yield pages of websites wherein fans vent their frustration.

Fans are increasingly cynical about the NFL's behaviour during the replacement referee fiasco, and its tardy response to the overwhelming evidence of brain injury.

Some people argue that it doesn't matter.

"Demand for the NFL is inelastic," commented former Forty-Niners great Steve Young.

That's MBA talk for, 'You can charge what you want & they'll still come...'

But older fans will tell you that once upon a time, Major League Baseball was as big as the NFL.

Indeed, this was true for most of the last century.

MLB could not imagine it would squander the good will of its fans - but it did.

Is NFL doing the same?

(He who the gods wish to destroy, they first award big ESPN deals...)

Any lessons here for Lean thinkers?

Here are a few:

Our customer defines value - connect with them, and check in regularly.

Problems are gold - treasure & make them visible.

Seek root cause, and run experiments to confirm root cause.

Check with the customer to confirm countermeasures are working as intended.



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