Monday, June 10, 2013

Poetry & Business?!

By Pascal Dennis

Who says there's no poetry in business?

President Akio Toyoda recently greeted 1,179 new Toyota hires, urging them to find

“the strength seen in cherry blossoms that persevere in winter..."

(Hard to imagine Bill Ford welcoming new UAW hires in this way!)

Nonetheless, a recent HBR piece suggests business and poetry are complementary.

Both entail wresting with & simplifying complex realities. Both require comfort with ambiguity.

Poetry also helps develop empathy, which is in greater demand than ever.

According the NY Times, Harman Industries founder Sidney Harman once told his staff, "Get me poets as managers. Poets are our original systems thinkers. They look at our most complex environments and reduce the complexity to something they begin to understand."

You'll get no argument from your faithful business nomad.



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