Thursday, June 13, 2013

Building Intellectual Capital

By Pascal Dennis

What's the proper role of the Kaizen/Continuous Improvement Office?

I was taught that it was three-fold:
  1. To create capability
  2. To share learning
  3. To create kaizen spirit
More and more though, I think about the great Taiichi Ohno.

"I am not just building cars - I am building people!"

A splendid concept from a true revolutionary.

I am building people!

Underlying this sentiment was Ohno's remarkable respect for people - expressed by challenging them to do their very best!

Tough love indeed.

I've been privileged to have such senseis, both at Toyota and in Aikido.

But how does this help the corporation? Where does this show up on the Balance Sheet?

Sadly, it doesn't - for now.

But I am hopeful that before too long Intellectual Capital will begin to appear on Balance Sheets

Intellectual Capital means people - and their capability, creativity, flexibility, sense of urgency, knowledge, relationships and camaraderie.

At companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Intellectual Capital dwarfs financial and physical assets.

So how can we continue to ignore it?

So, let me suggest that in the next decade, the Kaizen/CI Office needs to think as follows:

Our job is to create Intellectual Capital - by growing people.



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