Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Seven QC Tools Revisited

By Pascal Dennis

Thanks for your kind responses to our recent blog on The Seven QC Tools.

I'd assumed that these were second nature to everybody.

Now I realize that our younger friends & colleagues may not have been as fortunate as we (somewhat) wily veterans.

When I graduated engineering school in the 1980's (prehistoric times) Ed Deming, Joe Juran, Philip Crosby and other great quality senseis were everywhere.

I inhaled their books & videos, which emphasized a way of thinking, supported by core tools:

  • Run charts,
  • Pareto diagrams,
  • Checksheets,
  • Histograms,
  • Scatter diagrams,
  • Process flow charts, and
  • Control charts.

Seems every generation needs to learn the fundamentals for itself.

In that spirit, in blogs to come I'll describe these core tools & how they can help.

In the interim, I highly recommend The Memory Jogger II, by my friend & colleague, Michael Brassard.

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  1. Always amazes me how we often jump to fancy analytic techniques before applying some of these basic tools. These basic tools should be your cherished road companions on the problem solving journey. Hold them close and talk to them often!