Monday, June 27, 2016

The Seven QC Tools, Part 1

By Pascal Dennis

I used to think the so-called ‘Seven QC Tools’ were second nature to everybody.

Now I realize that our younger friends & colleagues may not have been as fortunate as we (somewhat) wily veterans.

When I graduated engineering school in the 1980's (prehistoric times) Ed Deming, Joe Juran, Philip Crosby and other great quality senseis were everywhere.

I inhaled their books & videos, which emphasized a way of thinking, supported by core tools:

  • Run charts,
  • Pareto diagrams,
  • Checksheets,
  • Histograms,
  • Scatter diagrams,
  • Process flow charts, and
  • Control charts.

Seems every generation needs to learn the fundamentals for itself.

In that spirit, in blogs to come I'll describe these core tools & how they can help.

In the interim, I highly recommend The Memory Jogger II, by my friend & colleague, Michael Brassard.

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