Monday, June 20, 2016

Trumpo and the Smurfs

By Pascal Dennis

Funny episode in Detroit Airport the other day.

I’m waiting to board the Toronto flight, reflecting on the week’s coaching sessions.

A uniformed Japanese woman appears holding a geisha doll high up on a stick. Behind her, a dozen or so Japanese Smurfs.

Turns out we’re all on the same flight. We pass the time kibitzing in broken English and my bits of Japanese.

They’re funny and charming, and make droll faces.

Then all at once, the Smurfs are silent. They look up in unison and stare in hushed fascination.

On the overhead TV screen – Donald Trump!

The lead Smurf turns to me. “Trumpo…”

I nod. “Trumpo.”

This seems to break the spell and soon they’re chattering away again.

Trumpo this, Trumpo that…

Wish I’d had a video camera.

Best regards.


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