Monday, February 27, 2017

Tip of the Hat to Catalysis

By Pascal Dennis (bio)

“We want to transform the healthcare industry to deliver higher value through experiments, collaboration and education…”

A mission driven person and organization can change the world & that’s what Catalysis is all about.

Dr. John Toussaint, Kim Barnas, Helen Zak and the rest of the team are trying to change the healthcare world through experimentation, collaboration & education.

It’s a daunting task, and one that requires tenacity and courage.  (Our Lean Pathways crew have found healthcare transformation to be our toughest & most rewarding assignment.)

I’m lucky enough to count several Catalysis leaders as friends, and can attest that they have the above qualities in abundance.  (They merit even greater respect when you realize they don’t need to do any of this & could pass the time on the beach sipping mojitos…)

I’m please & honored, therefore, that Catalysis on-line bookstore is carrying Andy & Me and the Hospital, the latest Tom Papas & Andy Saito adventure. Order here.

Tom & Andy get pulled into a major New York City hospital in crisis – chaos ensures.  It’s my best book.

If you’re interested, please give Andy & Me and the Hospital a gander on-line at Catalysis.  Yes, it costs a couple of bucks more here than at Amazon.  But you’re helping out a splendid organization that’s making the world a better place.

A tip of the hat & a deep bow to the splendid folks at Catalysis.  Full speed ahead & long may you run.

Best regards, 


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